Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hey friends,
Just wanted to give an update on how things are going and where we're at.  A few weeks ago we received great news that we had a scheduled court date.  It wasn't what we were hoping for with the closing of rainy season and all, but God's timing is impeccable and we trust Him whole heartedly with each step.
So, Kenny and I will be traveling in October for our court date of October 14th! Woohoo!!  We are staying for 6 days.  I am so excited to see Beza and have missed him like crazy!  But truthfully I am also so excited that Kenny and I are taking our first trip alone! I cant wait to introduce him to the people, the culture and country that I SO dearly love!!  I just know he will fall in love with Ethiopia as much as I have.  I am excited to see the desires and passions that God will lay on his heart.

So for the next 44 days, to be exact, we will be planning and prepping! My mom is coming to be with the boys which is such a blessing since she's coming from Montana. Plus it's fall break, so she wont have to worry about school schedules, packing lunches and CAR RIDER LINES!!!

I wanted to give y'all an updated list as to where we are financially.  We want to be honest as to what everything is going to cost, so this maybe more detailed then more need. 

Our first trip expenses
Plane tickets-bought and paid in full!!!
guest house-$90 per night for 6 nights $540
Driver fees-$50 per day $300
Food I figured roughly $250-300
Visa's for Kenny and I-$40
Total is $1,180

We will have to pay for medical and visa for Beza during one of the trips and it will be roughly $315

Our second trip
Plane tickets somewhere between $4000-5000 for 2 tickets
guest house-$90 per night for 6 nights $540
Driver fees-$50 per day $300
Food I figured roughly $250-300
Visa's for Kenny and I-$40
Total for second trip between $5,130-$6,180

The seconds trip is all estimations based on how much time in advance we have before we leave. 

Care fees
We are also still occurring our monthly care fees of $450 a month.  As of now we still need to pay September, October and God willing November will be the last month! So that total is $1,350

As I sat here and added it up, I was almost afraid to see it. But I was reminded of how far we have come!  In the beginning, when this huge number in the $30,000+ range seemed impossible!!  Now I sit here excited that number is around $10,000! All I can say is, we got this! Ha!
Kenny and I would like to ask you all to prayerfully consider partnering with us the last leg of this journey in Bringing Beza Home!  This is just a thought, but if I have over 300 Facebook friends and if everyone donated $20 that would be over $6,000. Then if you shared it on your page!??  My point is, is that every little bit makes such a huge difference.  Some may donate more, some less, but its all making a big difference.  I know some may not be able to donate, so please PRAY! Praying for finances, for us and especially for Beza during this time means so much to us.  If you would like to donate you may do so using our PayPal link.  You may also email me for my address at

With Love,

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hey friends, I wanted to send everyone an update and let you all know where we are! First, I'm sure most of you know Kenny and I made a last minute decision in June, for me to join an amazing team of people leaving for Ethiopia in two days, yes you heard right, just two days to prepare! I had felt The Lord nudging me about a week before to go, but of coarse it sounded crazy and just the logistics of it with the kids made it all sound impossible! But I thought, if I'm suppose to go, I'll go! So my sweet husband cashed in all his frequent flyer miles and bought me a ticket and my amazing friends said "yes" to my kids without hesitation.  😳 To say I was a nervous wreck was an understatement! Since I purchased my flight so late I had to fly out alone and stay an extra day alone! 😳 Everyone was in complete shock and told me how brave I was. But honestly, I was a momma on a mission and I KNOW there isn't a momma on this planet that wouldn't go to the end of this Earth for their babies! So I wouldn't say I was brave, I almost felt desperate. I was desperate to touch him, hold him and to really know he was real. It may all sound weird, but my heart just needed it  At first I was told, no way could I tell him I was going to be his mom. Our case was still touch and go and not much was certain. But by the end of the day they called me back and said, "yes, you can tell him." They felt that it would be more confusing to him by not telling him, then telling him.
My time with Beza was amazing, fun, joyful, so much love and a little reality set in too!  There were two fears that I had, would he like me and would be even want to leave the orphanage?  Granted he's been there for 6 years! But, God heard my prayers because that little boy is so anxious to come to America and the staff commented on how well he warmed up to me!  Praise God!!   I can't tell you how much joy he is going to bring to our life.  He is so full of energy and spunk! He has a laugh that is so contagious that you can't help but laugh with him.  He craves the love and affection that he so desperately deserves!
This blog post is long overdue and honestly I started it several days ago! I kept thinking of all this stuff I wanted to write about.  To tell you about our days together in Ethiopia, but it is so painful.  It has been a long and hard 5 weeks away from our boy.  I have been able to email the director and keep in touch to see how Beza is doing.  As much as I love to get those emails, there also so hard.  The first one after I left, I was informed that he wasn't doing well.  He was very sad and wants to know when I will return.  Truthfully, that was most of our conversations.  He desperately wanted to know when I will return and deserves an answer! But, when you can't give him one it is heart breaking.  I finally told him, I don't know if it will be 1,2,3 months before I return, but I PROMISE I will be back!  There have been many days where I thought, why did I even go, my heart is broken and I KNOW his is! But I know I was meant to be on that trip and even if there are days when I don't understand it all, God does!! We met some amazing people there running some incredible organizations.  And if that was the reason for going, to make some connections and call them friends then it was well worth all this heart ache. But I know there is so much more to it then what I can see with my own two eyes.
I've been doing this summer Bible study and there's a passage that rings so true for me, right now. 
It says: When I'm in a particular negative mood, three thoughts come to me: Faith can be work. Love can be labor. Hope can get long. We hear much hairsplitting over faith and works, but does anybody else occasionally think that faith is work? Believing what we cannot see can sometimes be the highest high in the human experience, but at other times it's like inhaling fire. And just try to convince me that love is never labor. 
The NIV translate the phrase as "your labor prompted by love," but multiple translations cast love as part of the labor. One scholar translates the Greek as "toil of love." That's even better. Sometimes loving comes easy. Other times, it nearly kills us. Does your heart feel like a nail to a hammer right now?    Uh, YES!!
So to update you all to where we are in the process is we have been given our first court date for our lawyer in Ethiopia next Friday the 1st. So please be praying, praying, praying. We do not attend this one. Our lawyer will meet with MOWA who will in turn give us a comment. Which is their approval of the adoption. Then we will be immediately issued our court date. But they have up to 10 days to issue this comment. The timing of all this is so critical because every year the courts close for 2 months for rainy season and this closure could happen any day. We are still very hopeful as they have not released the dates. So this is our biggest prayer request, that we get a court date before closure! Many people have asked where we are financially and Kenny and I have been working on making lists, contacting travel agencies for quotes and punching the calculator! So here's the nitty gritty!

Plane tickets-costing $2000-2500 a piece times 4
Beza's one way flight- $1500
Room stay-$80 a night
driver fee per day- half day is $40, full day is $80
Food per day $30
Our visa's upon arrival-$20 per person

We based everything off of 7 days. 

We will also have some fees to pay for the adoption-
Beza Visa-$230

Total is between $12,000-$14,700

We are trusting God with every penny of that!  But literally we don't have a single penny of it! Haha! We are still occuring monthly care fees and we are just able to keep up with those. We had an awesome yard sale the beginning of July and we made $1100! Thank you to everyone who donated! We were able to catch up on our care fees of $900 and then we had to mail off a $183 check with our PAIR letter to DC! God provided!!  In the coming weeks we could be in major crunch mode, pending the court date so if anyone has any fantastic ideas to help raise funds, let me know! Also, when we get the word to leave we will be taking up donations for Beza's orphanage! They are in desperate need!  Formula, diapers, clothing, balls and there are several older children so anything that they like would be helpful. 
Doctor visit-$85

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hey everyone, I've been asked several times this past couple of weeks as to what is going on with the adoption?  If you haven't talked to me in person and only see updates on Facebook, my updates sound kind of wishy washy.  Its very easy for me to post the GOOD things that happen with the adoption, but the not so good things I tend to keep to myself.  I have stated from the beginning of the adoption that I never want someone to look at our struggles and change their mind on adoption.  But people also need to know, its not a walk in the park either, so finding that healthy balance for me is tough.  So, here it is, the good, the bad and the ugly! Haha!

Okay, now to get y'all caught up to where we are now.  Back in January we spent the whole month waiting on all of Beza's official documents to arrive from Ethiopia.  Once they came we were ready for the next step, that step is called the PAIR process.  So February 1st, with all those documents ready we sent them off to our Government.  Basically this is where the U.S. looks at all the documents that we have sent and they decide if there is sufficient evidence that Beza is legal for adoption to the U.S.  March 12, we received a letter stating that there was NOT sufficient evidence proving that we could adopt him.  They gave us a list of things they needed. They said you have 45 days to get all the new information to us, or risk a denial letter!  To say we were a bit heart broken would be an understatement. 

Some of you may remember this, but part of Beza's story is that he was abandoned 5 years ago.  Back 5 years ago, things ran differently in Ethiopia.  There was a different government body that was in place at that time, that placed orphans.  So the government body that's in place now, has no record of him and one of the things listed to collect was a letter from them. We have since gotten that part figured out and it ended up being pretty easy. :)  The other thing that was requested was police statements from the officers that found him.  This is the part that is proving very difficult.  Ethiopia just doesn't run like we do.  Our 45 days run out this Sunday and we have had to file for an extension.  So we have another 42 days this time.  There is lots of little details that have happened as well, lots of them are questions that I have?  Some don't sit well with me, but I also have to focus on what is best for Beza and at this time the answers to my questions are not relevant. 

I think there are many more days then not, where I question if this adoption will go through.  I've never cried so much in all my life!  This is by far the hardest thing I've ever done and I've had to do some hard things.  I was pregnant my senior year of high school. I was a military wife for 6 years and endured 4 deployments, 3 of which were a year long each.  I gave birth to our second child without Kenny.  I've bought a house, a car by myself, but nothing can prepare you for adoption.  There just isn't 2 adoptions that are alike! I do my best to stay in my routine, be around people so I don't have to think about it.  But the minute I am alone, I cant stop thinking about it.  It completely consumes you.  You plan life around it.

We do get excellent monthly updates about Beza  They usually include 4 or 5 pictures and even videos!  He has the most contagious smile and the biggest brown eyes! I just long to wrap him in my arms and snuggle and kiss him! We do get to send him packages too!  So all of this really makes the struggling SO worth it!

This is my new verse and I LOVE it! Short, sweet and to point!

You armed me with strength for battle. Psalm 18:39a

Please join us in prayer for these police letters.  God has been so good to us and so faithful through all of this.  He has really placed incredible people around us who daily encourage us and gives us new strength for each day. 


Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey guys, I just wanted to give a quick update.  As far as Beza goes, he is doing great! January 7th was Christmas for Ethiopia and our agency took all the children out for a special day.  They went to an arcade and had hamburgers and French fries!  We got quit the kick out of that! They took several pictures of the kids and in Beza's photo he was stuffing a hamburger in his mouth.  As much as I wouldn't condone French fries and hamburgers for dinner, it made me happy to see him enjoying an American meal.  So I may need to lower my standards in the coming months! Ha ha!

Today we received some not so fun news about our grant funds.  Our agency had hopes that we would be able to access the funds sooner then later and now that is not the case.  Last week we were under the impression we only had $2100 left for our referral fees but now were back up to around $6500, plus travel.  This may all be so confusing, but I want to explain it the best way I can.  Once those funds are released to our agency (after first court appearance) they will hang onto it until our adoption is complete. We may have some extra fees that will come up such as Child Care fees.  We are now responsible for his daily care of $15 a day and we initially pay for the first 90 days.  But mostly likely we will not have a completed adoption within 90 days, so that's where those extra fees may come in.  So they would be able to access the grant money to cover that.  Then if there is anything left they will give it to us. 

So I am writing to ask for LOTS of prayer! 

1. Pray for our sweet Beza and even though he doesn't know about us yet, that his heart would start to be softened.
2. Pray for us, Satan is definitely trying to work his way in when good things are happening.  
3. Pray that we seek The Lord for all our funding avenues.  It may not look the way we thought it would be, so we just need to be open minded. 

THANK YOU and we love you all!!  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Melkam Gena!

As I was signing into to the blog this afternoon to start this I heard two amazing songs that I had never heard before that I wanted to share.

First I want to start by saying a HUGE thank you to all of you for sharing and donating to our adoption of sweet Beza these past couple weeks.  During these last two weeks we have raised $2,460 towards our massive number of $16,995.  So we were able to send our agency $10,845! Woohoo!!!  Obviously we are still short of that BIG BIG number, but our agency is has been very kind to us and is allowing us a little more time to raise the necessary funds. I think they really love Beza as much as we do so they are really rooting for him! :)

As I had posted in the last blog about the grant we had received and not being able to access it till closer to the end of the adoption, well our agency is in contact with them about accessing it early to help with costs now.  So please pray with us that they would find favor in letting us use it earlier then expected.  So, if we are able to access our grant we are currently only $2,150 short of that BIG number. 

We received an email right before Christmas letting us know that the investigation process (that they do for every child) could take awhile because he has been an orphan for so long.  During the investigation process they have to go back 5 years and speak with the individuals who found him and so on.  We really felt it could go either way, but we would never know till we dived in.  So that wasn't a hindrance for us.  Well, yesterday we got an email saying that Beza's investigation was complete!!!!!  Praise God! So as you can see, we are just taking 1 step at a time.  Our goals right now is to just complete Beza's referral fee, later we will work on travel expenses. 

The title to this blog post Melkam Gena, which is Merry Christmas in Ethiopia's native language.  Today is Christmas there and I can't help but wonder what Christmas must look like for him?  Im pretty certain it isn't like ours, but my prayer is that his belly isn't hungry and that he gets some extra special attention today.  This is the last Christmas he will have without a family and BOY will he be spoiled rotten next year!! :)

Kenny and I are so thankful for you all over this past year and a half.  We would love for you all to pray for our sweet boy and this adoption process.  Pray that it will go smooth and move swiftly.  If you feel led to make a donation we would be forever grateful.  There is a PayPal account attached to or blog.  Also we have a way for tax deductible donations as well.  You may make checks out to Ordinary Hero but please remember to put our names (Kenny and Taira Massey) in the memo line.  There address is:
Ordinary Hero
P.O. Box 1945
Brentwood, TN 37024

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl.  Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see you good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.  Matthew 5:14-16

Friday, December 20, 2013


WOW!!! What a crazy, whirlwind of a week it has been!  Actually I would say this past year has been a whirlwind of a season for us.  But, today we said "YES"  to a sweet little boy named Beza.  He is one of the most handsome fella's I've ever laid eyes on!  I saw his photo last Friday, the 13th and my heart just melted.  Beza was currently on our agencies waiting children's list.  I went the whole weekend and just couldn't get him out of my head.  By Monday, I was chomping at the bit to call and see if he was still available and HE WAS!!!  I immediately started crying, I just knew he was ours.  

Throughout the week, we have learned so much about this sweet boy and the struggles he has already had to endure.  He was found abandoned around the age of 2 or 3 years old and placed into the orphanage that he is currently living still, which is around 5 years! We asked, "why was he not adopted long ago?"  The answer that we received back was, he fell through the cracks. There were many children in the orphanage at that time and he was overlooked.  It wasn't until this past September that our agency asked about him and it was discovered that he was not with an agency. We have also looked up the meaning of his name and it means, "despise" or "neglect".  So that name has got to go!  He needs a fresh start on life! He needs a family, something he knows nothing of, one who loves him unconditionally and that will never leave him. 

With this referral coming sooner than expected, we are trusting God with all the details and I mean some major ones, to some teeny tiny ones.  Once we sign those papers which will happen in the next couple days we are financially responsible for this little guy. We have worked really hard this year with many different fundraisers, but we are short.  Not just a little short, but A LOT short.  We want to be completely up front with our adoption finances.  We received a grant a couple months back of $4,000 (WHOHOO) and we currently have $8,500 in our savings which we thought was the exact amount we needed but we learned that our grant money will not be dispersed until after our 1st court date.  Which is a long way from now.  We have also learned that $12,500 was just our child fee but there are more fees along with it that have to be paid.   We are also responsible for his daily care of $15 a day, with $1,350 up front to cover the first 90 days. 

I know this all can not make any bit of sense, because I know that I am constantly questioning what is that, what is this?  Here is 2 sheets that have broken down our fees.  If you would like more information please do not hesitate to ask and by ask I mean ask Kenny! He understands all of this better then me! :)

Whew!! So we currently owe $16,994.16 and we have $8,500 currently in the bank.  So we need to still raise $8,494.16 in the next 2 weeks!  WOW, I have to take a large deep breath just writing this because I know that our efforts can not raise this kind of money in this short amount of time.  BUT God, He is faithful, He has called us to walk this journey and we know He will get us through it.  First, we ask for prayer, for Beza and the fresh new start at life that he so desperately deserves. Secondly the finances. Please know that if you feel led to help us financially that any amount is never to small.  We have really learned through this journey that it is the smallest of donations that have the most amazing stories behind them. if you would like to donate you may click the donate now button and it will lead you to PayPal. Also if you would like my email it is,   We also still have many necklaces available.  The details are located on our last blog post.  Please feel free to share our blog as well.   Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a wonderful Holiday Season. 

I forgot to post this before, but I also wanted to make it possible for you to have  a tax deductable donation.  We have an allifiate acount with Ordinary Hero.  You can make your checks out to Ordinary Hero but please remember to put our name in the memo line. (Kenny and Taira Massey) There address is:
Ordinary Hero
P.O. Box 1945
Brentwood, TN 37024

The Massey's 

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Funky Fish Designs necklace

It's that time again! Let the FUNdraising begin again! Ha ha. A very kind lady by the name of Dawn has graciously worked some long hours in preparation for our new fundraiser.  Dawn's business is called Funky Fish Designs and she makes some beautiful jewelry, so go check out her Facebook page.  This necklace was inspired by a friend of mine, who spent the summer reading the book "Unglued" by Lysa Terkeurst. 

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Proverbs 3:3

So there are 2 choices, both are in copper color.  Our idea was to have a ladies one in a 36' chain with 3 charms.  The other was designed in mind for your little girl.  It comes in an 18' chain with 2 charms.  The 18' inch chain is definitely not just for the girls, if you prefer a shorter chain that is perfectly fine too!

This is the 36 inch necklace
Price is $20
This is the 18 inch necklace
Price is $15
If you would like to pay through PayPal and need it shipped, please add $2 for shipping.