Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hey friends,
Just wanted to give an update on how things are going and where we're at.  A few weeks ago we received great news that we had a scheduled court date.  It wasn't what we were hoping for with the closing of rainy season and all, but God's timing is impeccable and we trust Him whole heartedly with each step.
So, Kenny and I will be traveling in October for our court date of October 14th! Woohoo!!  We are staying for 6 days.  I am so excited to see Beza and have missed him like crazy!  But truthfully I am also so excited that Kenny and I are taking our first trip alone! I cant wait to introduce him to the people, the culture and country that I SO dearly love!!  I just know he will fall in love with Ethiopia as much as I have.  I am excited to see the desires and passions that God will lay on his heart.

So for the next 44 days, to be exact, we will be planning and prepping! My mom is coming to be with the boys which is such a blessing since she's coming from Montana. Plus it's fall break, so she wont have to worry about school schedules, packing lunches and CAR RIDER LINES!!!

I wanted to give y'all an updated list as to where we are financially.  We want to be honest as to what everything is going to cost, so this maybe more detailed then more need. 

Our first trip expenses
Plane tickets-bought and paid in full!!!
guest house-$90 per night for 6 nights $540
Driver fees-$50 per day $300
Food I figured roughly $250-300
Visa's for Kenny and I-$40
Total is $1,180

We will have to pay for medical and visa for Beza during one of the trips and it will be roughly $315

Our second trip
Plane tickets somewhere between $4000-5000 for 2 tickets
guest house-$90 per night for 6 nights $540
Driver fees-$50 per day $300
Food I figured roughly $250-300
Visa's for Kenny and I-$40
Total for second trip between $5,130-$6,180

The seconds trip is all estimations based on how much time in advance we have before we leave. 

Care fees
We are also still occurring our monthly care fees of $450 a month.  As of now we still need to pay September, October and God willing November will be the last month! So that total is $1,350

As I sat here and added it up, I was almost afraid to see it. But I was reminded of how far we have come!  In the beginning, when this huge number in the $30,000+ range seemed impossible!!  Now I sit here excited that number is around $10,000! All I can say is, we got this! Ha!
Kenny and I would like to ask you all to prayerfully consider partnering with us the last leg of this journey in Bringing Beza Home!  This is just a thought, but if I have over 300 Facebook friends and if everyone donated $20 that would be over $6,000. Then if you shared it on your page!??  My point is, is that every little bit makes such a huge difference.  Some may donate more, some less, but its all making a big difference.  I know some may not be able to donate, so please PRAY! Praying for finances, for us and especially for Beza during this time means so much to us.  If you would like to donate you may do so using our PayPal link.  You may also email me for my address at

With Love,

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